About Us

PERRI FUNDING IS A LONG ISLAND BASED REGISTERED MORTGAGE BROKER., FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1993. While many mortgage companies have come and gone, Perri remains in the same office for years, still helping homeowners with unique circumstances.

Perri Funding Corp specializes in Reverse Mortgages. These “H.E.C.M.” (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage), mortgages have been around for quite a while, however very few companies know what they are, how they work and how they can help the homeowner. Perri understands its very difficult for senior homeowners to maintain their homes due to increased living expenses, rising health care and minor adjustments in fixed income.

Perri Funding frequently offers free seminars in your area to explain how they work and the myths and misconceptions about these reverse mortgages.

We are a local company that meets with the homeowners and their families in person to explain the program. The “H.E.C.M.” program may not be for every homeowner, however we will help you make the right decision for you, your family and your future.

Call us today for a free, no obligation Reverse Mortgage consultation!